University Career Choice -- TRAINEE CITY HEADHUNTER
03 November 2011

You’re young, you’ve got a degree, and you’ve just left university. The world is your oyster!


Then, suddenly the cold reality of the real world hits home and you decide that actually maybe 120 hours per week at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase or Citigroup is not for you. As an alternative, you considered the prospect of KPMG, Deloitte, PwC or one of accountings ‘Big Five’ but now you’re becoming increasingly aware that crunching numbers all day is nothing short of mental incarceration for someone as sociable as you. Or what about PR or Marketing? One can easily be forgiven for feeling slightly nauseous at the prospect of it all given the levels of insincere flamboyancy and the Herculean egos to accompany…

So what now?

Well, you’re a bright spark with good communicative skills and you’re looking for a career that’s both financially as well as personally rewarding, something that you will thoroughly enjoy from the outset. Frankly, it’s rare to find anything that ticks all these boxes. Rare that is, until you discover the elusive world of the ‘headhunter’.


I’m coming to you now from a server deep in cyberspace as a Trainee International Executive Recruitment Consultant. I’ve been working here at ripe4 for a sliver over five weeks, plenty enough time to begin to dislike a job. This is something proven by 90% of my friends who started working in various different sectors at a similar time to me. Their honeymoon period is wearing off, they struggle out of bed in the morning to rejoin the humdrum of drones performing the dullest of tasks. Not me, with each day that passes I learn, improve and evolve. I get taught skills that are not only applicable to my professional life but also to my personal life, and with each day I love it more and more.


So if you’re considering a career in Investment Banking, Accounting, PR, Marketing, Engineering, Consulting or anything else you can think to imagine, think again. The world of Recruitment is a rarely promoted hidden gem, find it and who knows where you’ll end up? It’s international. Who knows who you’ll encounter on your travels? Almost everyone needs a job. And, who knows what you’ll earn? Well… actually, I do, and if you’re good, that figure is simply mind bending.