Why Choose a Career in Recruitment?
16 November 2011

 Why Recruitment?

 I left university, amid a fair few of my friends and counterparts also completely unsure of the directions we wanted to take. I considered Marketing, Consultancy, Banking, Insurance, Politics, and further study. None of these seemed to hint to me what I knew I was looking for: something I could dedicate myself to, and be rewarded for that dedication.

 I am certain this is quite common an event. To cut a long story short, I have always been intrigued by business and what makes a business tick. I had also, by the time I decided that what was best for me was something to immerse myself in and live, started to look around. This was about 4 years after having left University:

 It wasn't until I had secured a second round interview with the largest of the ‘mainstream’ recruitment agencies that I happened across a niche consultancy - Ripe4 - and learnt what the true difference is between agency and consultancy.

 Whereas an agency will have lots of easier to fill, more 'standard' roles (or 'bread and butter roles', as one of my teammates would say), the experience at Ripe 4 has been one based upon quality. The numbers of people required to fill agency roles is relatively high; as a consultancy we are focused on the best of those people only: the ones who not only fulfill criteria for any given opportunity, but surpass it. We have an exceedingly close relationship with those companies we are working on behalf of, and are in constant conversation with them in order to find out what they require - even if that is only one, yes, one person.

 I never thought just quite so much time, effort, above all, care goes into finding that person before I discovered Ripe4. Now that I am here I am so glad to have the chance to put myself to good use, to find excellent roles for equally as excellent people, to learn so much about various parts of industries and to be rewarded for having done so!

 Recruitment and recruiters sometimes get a bad press. Now I’m part of that industry I can wholeheartedly say from first-hand experience that certainly not every recruitment company is worthy of that reputation: If you want to work somewhere where your hard work is noticed, where you have constant unfailing support from all your team members, where you are continually learning and if you want job satisfaction quite unlike any other then you really should consider working for a company like Ripe4, actually, scratch that, just consider working for Ripe4.