A Day in the Life of a Recruitment Consultant
10 February 2012


When people often ask me what I do as an occupation, I respond by telling them “I’m a recruitment consultant”. To which a frequent response is “oh, you find people jobs”. I usually find it easiest to nod; however recruitment is so much more than that. Working in a highly specialised boutique consultancy firm such as Ripe4, the distinction between what we do as an organisation and many of the well-known high street agencies couldn’t be bigger.

It’s a common misconception that recruitment firms simply perform a human resource function, helping HR departments when organisations want to fill positions externally. However contrary to popular belief recruitment is very much a sales role. Winning new clients and selling roles to candidates all requires a great deal of persuasion and sales ability. In fact recruitment is perhaps one of the most difficult forms of sales as you are selling on two fronts, i.e. the Client (Potential employer) and the Candidate (potential employee). It is also unique within the sales industry in that it’s the only type of sales where the product you are selling can change its mind and decide a role offered to them is not quite right.


Whenever I’m asked “what do you do on a typical day?” a well-known cliché springs to mind “there’s no such thing as a typical day”. Granted the phrase is overused, however it is surprisingly accurate in describing my role on a day to basis, despite the oxymoronic connotation.

To give an insight in to what we do starts with me arriving in the office at around 8.30. The first thing I usually do is check my emails for ad responses information from clients and candidates. This time is also an important window of opportunity as it’s a convenient time to call candidates to discuss opportunities. The vast majority of potential candidates we call are already in employment and so for them to answer their phone for personal calls can prove tricky.  This is where our headhunting skills come into play and to reveal these would be foolish of me…..

We have a morning meeting where our manager discusses strategy for the day aswell as discussing any issues or trends within the Operational Excellence market.