Capturing and attracting talents
26 November 2015


ABC Challenge:
Capturing and attracting quality talent at the right time and with the right level of experience in a market facing a known shortage of good talent.
Typically a number of recruitment firms would send over a disparate number of individuals of varying quality and a speed race if you like takes place.
Time consuming arguments unfold between recruiters contesting ownership over specific candidates and there is no clear defined approach to delivery of a professional image to the market about an organisation’s opportunities.
The result you often end up losing good candidates to competitors, the name of your organisation can become muddied and the process can lead to more talent leakage.
Using a conventional approach you can secure talent for your organisation from time to time though with no guarantee they will stick around, deliver, contribute to a knowledge bank or add any real value through imparting best practice, operational innovation or other real long term value. 
The ripe4 solution – an outcome driven approach:
Working with an outcome driven strategic partner offers a professional, pragmatic approach to managing both the quest for top talent along with the requirement to save time and money.
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