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Consumer team mission: Addressing the gender balance.

  1.            The Challenge

A giant of the consumer industry came to us with the following conundrum: 

“We are looking for our next Plant Manager in Sweden; right now we would like to see a different dynamic at the helm of one of our key operating sites. The site is in a sparsely populated region so this presents a further challenge.”  - Global HR Director

There was a gender balance issue in senior management; this lack of female representation at leadership level was an issue they quickly wished to address.

It was essential this future female leader would have well-honed technical and soft skills – her communication and stakeholder management skills would need to be exceptional, supported both a strong command of English and Swedish combined with international work experience.

There was also the issue of succession planning as the Regional Director would be retiring in the next few years and there was no obvious successor. 


2.                Our Approach..

Having established the outcomes the client wished to achieve, along with cementing the person job specification we were able to define a clear road map of delivery for the client. We then began our extensive search through our network using our Triangulation MethodologyTM applying multiple research methods to achieve the goal. We cast our net far and wide, searching our respective networks both within and outside of the Nordic region.  

The Search….

Exceeding client expectation and within less than three weeks, our Europe wide reach and deep and expansive network of high calibre talent, enabled us to unearth an extensive long-list of possible contenders.

Our initial assessment however led us to concede that something was still missing from the candidates we were dual screening.


Pushing the search even deeper, and applying our Russian Doll MethodologyTM -inspired by the idea that every network contains another network we were able to narrow the search down to three well-qualified, personable candidates that both ourselves’ and the client felt were well equipped to address their challenge.

Applying our proprietary technical and soft skill assessment toolkit, furthermore it was quickly established that they would all have the capacity to develop into the Regional Director role.


3.           The Outcome…

Happily rising to the challenge, we were able to save our client time and money, without compromising on quality.

In terms of qualification, the candidate we found had been a Production Manager within a large Chemical organisation. She had a proven track record with Continuous Improvement and extensive experience in people development.

The whole hiring process took 40% less time than their previous search, when using another agency’s services for a similar type of role which quickly enamoured them to our offering.

4.              What about now?


Shortly after being hired, her managerial skills were quickly recognised, and she was duly promoted!

In this search, not only did we find “the one person in a million” according to the Global HR Director but also we demonstrated to a new client that we could work discreetly and uphold the values of their organisation.

Our team not only ensured that this collaboration produced the desired outcome in the shape of a placement; it also produced a long-term investment in the client’s succession planning.

So impressed was the client that we were duly engaged on a new retained Global Maintenance Excellence Leader assignment to be based in Mainland Europe.

At Ripe4, we take the process of Executive Search very seriously - managing them as projects; establishing a clear roadmap and agreeing upfront milestones to give you confidence in both how we are going to engage and work together to deliver the agreed outcomes.

Ripe4 believe strongly in the power of clear communication and aim to keep our clients informed throughout the process alerting to any issues and challenges we face along the way. Regular progress reports ensure issues can quickly be nipped in the bud and that the critical success factors for the search are adhered to.


Ripe4 puts the client first – we ask to be judged on the results that we bring about through our collaborative approach to Executive Search in our chosen industry specialisms! 



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