Change Management

“those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” - GB Shaw

Our dedicated change management division has grown to become as trusted partner of a broad range of service and manufacturing organisations. We understand the challenges of resourcing from change and make provisions for our clients to ensure we can offer associates/contractors within very short time frames.  As a trusted partner our clients often make us privy to upcoming projects and anticipated resource requirements so we can rapidly ramp up our activities to service urgent client’s needs. Our change management division has expanded like our client base and now operates UK and Europe wide.

Ripe4 has been delivering key permanent and contract resources for our clients for almost a decade forging many long lasting relationships with clients including major utility firms, retail and investment banks and boutique consultancies.

Our associate talent bank includes, though is not limited to, Business Analysts, Project and Programme Managers, Portfolio and PMO Managers, Change Managers, Process Analysts, Performance Analysts

At Ripe4 we take a unique approach to delivering resource with our wide network of contractors and associates, our strong links into academia and key talent pools, our own practical implementation experience  as well as our dedication to understanding the markets in we operate our tailored service is quite simply a cut above

Practising what we preach Ripe4 is proud of the fact that we have created out own internal change programme and we accredit all our recruitment consultants in LERC Lean for Service embracing new technology and innovative practises we know that our business still remains like yours a people business – with the best talent on board you can drive your business forward

“the world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking” – A Einstein

As a Ripe4 client you will get not just the best talent on the market we give you access to the best people in the market from our hidden talent pool. To be truly consultative we understand that it really involves listening. We make regular contact with our contacts and aim to build long term relationships with both clients and our associates

Delivering operational effectiveness resource to drive world class service

Our associate talent pool offers you expertise to tackle the challenges facing your business operations, whether it’s:

  • Improving performance and producing standardised processes, KPI’s and meaningful measurements to help you with up to date facts and figures to give you better control of your business
  • Increased reliability, increased efficiency driving increased profitability
  • Reduced costs, enhanced control with improved MI
  • Enhanced customer experience, improved customer satisfaction, NPI and NPD
  • Step change in culture, greater employee engagement and sustained gains

Our specialists include both permanent and contract talent experts in the following disciplines:

  • Operational effectiveness, Performance Improvement experts, Operational Excellence practitioners in Lean Six Sigma, Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts and Lean Sensei, NPS (net promoter score) gurus, NLP practitioners, systems thinkers, process modellers, process mappers, those adept in training, coaching and, mentoring, service sector Transformation experts to empower, transfer knowledge and increase capability, Change Managers, Change Analysts
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